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Indian IPTV Channels in USA

English TV channels from India have a good demand among the people of Indian community living abroad. Indian provides these channels through its set top box which can be easily configured with android TV sets. With more than 60 channels on offer, Indian brings you comprehensive English language content from India, be it news, web series, science, history, travel, food or spiritual or religious content. However, we do not provide Hollywood movies.

You can subscribe to Indian IPTV plans provided herewith in order to view these channels. You not only get deals and offers on English channels, but also get to see content in more than 15 regional languages of India, with a total of more than 15,000 channels.

Our set top box can be configured with Android TV giving you the benefit of watching the content in high definition and even in 4k resolution. If you are interested to know all aspects of the product, or subscription plans and deals, feel free to connect to Indian customer support.

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